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From physician offices to large hospitals, large IDNs and other Healthcare IT software and hardware vendors, Qvera accommodates virtually all connectivity standards and data formats used by HIE platforms, data repositories, IIS registries, EHR, hospital and laboratory systems; HL7, FHIR, JSON, XML, SSL, OAuth, ATNA, CDA, XCA, XCPD, DICOM, X12 and ASTM, to name just a few.

GE Healthcare

Be a Part of Driving Down the Cost of Healthcare

A Free Interface Engine
Perfect solution for small clinics & low volume interfaces
Limited only in throughput & the number of running interfaces
Easily migrate to QIE Enterprise at anytime
90-Day Trial
Voted #1 Interface Engine - 2 Years in a Row
Manage hundreds of interfaces at once
Supports all legacy & emerging interoperability formats & standards
Flexible licensing options, starting as low as $99 per month
Customer Rated, KLAS Reviewed
Voted #1 Interface Engine by Black Book
Concert Approved EHR

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Voted #1 Interface Engine – 3 Years in a Row!

Merin Joseph

“Our customers rely on us for current and accurate patient information at the point of care and we rely on QIE to provide the interoperability and communication between numerous data sources and systems. Easy to use, QIE requires just a single full-time employee to manage more than 300 interfaces.”

Merin Joseph
EVP & CIO – WESTMED Practice Partners

Seth McCracken

“Qvera is the most responsive vendor we work with, while others talk about having great service and people, Qvera proves it on a weekly basis. Qvera has been able to accomplish projects for us where others have failed. This has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.”

Seth McCracken
IT Director – Baptist Health Jacksonville

Phil Beckett, PhD

“As a Health Information Exchange organization, our biggest challenge is working with the many disparate vendor systems that our customers use. For that reason we leveraged QIE to greatly boost our integration capabilities. QIE plays a key role in onboarding customers to the HIE, and with the excellent customer service that comes with it, we have been able to bring health systems onto our HIE that previously would have been impossible.”

Phil Beckett, PhD
Chief Expansion Technology Officer – Healthcare Access San Antonio

John Grey

“In early 2015, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Working closely with EHR Integration Services, we migrated most of our ConnectR interfaces in 3-months, including the addition of 2 new clinical applications. We feel like we have control of our IT strategy again!”

John Grey
MHA IT Director – Murfreesboro Medical Group

Why Qvera?

Qvera Means True Quality

At Qvera, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we are serious about quality. It’s even in our name. The “Q” in Qvera stands for quality and “vera” is the latin root for true or truth. It’s also in our software and in our service. Our focus is on quality and commitment to our mission of producing the best interface engine on the market and making our users the heroes of their organizations.

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