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Allscripts Solutions

Now that Allscripts has announced that it is ending support for its ConnectR module, customers need a solution that can replace the ConnectR functionality in a cost-effective and efficient way.


ConnectR Replacement Solution

Here are 5 compelling reasons you should consider QIE for your ConnectR/DataConnect replacement.

  1. Proven Success & Expert Support

    EHR Integration Services has a proven track record of successfully replacing ConnectR/DataConnect with QIE at leading health systems across the country such as Revere Health, Arizona Community Physicians and Murfreesboro Medical Group.

  2. Seamless & Painless Conversion

    Who better to support your conversion than the same people who have been the ConnectR/DataConnect experts for years? EHR Integration Services is a QIE Certified partner with years of experience and a proven track record of successful conversions. They offer the most effective support for your long-term strategy.

  3. The Only Solution With Native ‘Patient Not Found’ Functionality

    In addition to a comprehensive list of supported functionality, QIE has the improved ‘patient not found’ error management workflow you have come to rely on in ConnectR. Rhapsody and CCG do not support this functionality! QIE ensures no loss of functionality for ConnectR users. Quickly and easily reconcile messages where the right patient can’t automatically be found and much more.

  4. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    Unlike the competition who license both the source and destinations separately, QIE only charges for sources and allows unlimited destinations at no additional cost. By simplifying interface development and making it much faster, QIE drives down the overall cost of your conversion. Flexible licensing options make it easy to find the right fit for your organization and QIE certification classes are offered at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

  5. Backed by the Industry Leader in Healthcare Interoperability

    Because Qvera is actively involved in the industry’s drive towards interoperability standards and innovation, you never have to worry about falling behind. From helping develop the new HL7® FHIR® protocol to certifications such as Concert by HIMSS, Qvera keeps you informed and ready to tackle any interface challenge.

Case Study

Revere Health: Adoption of QIE results in lower costs & improved care

Revere Health: Adoption of QIE results in lower costs and improved care

Hear From a Customer

In early 2015, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Working closely with EHR Integration Services, we migrated most of our ConnectR interfaces in 3-months, including the addition of 2 new clinical applications. We feel like we have control of our IT strategy again!”

John Grey

John Grey
MHA IT Director – Murfreesboro Medical Group

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