IHE USA Implementation Committee invites Qvera CTO, Ron Shapiro, to take on a Strategic Role

IHE USAAs we’ve noted before, the governing body of healthcare interoperability standards is a global nonprofit called Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). IHE is driving vendors, healthcare providers and technologists to set standards for healthcare interoperability around the world.

Ron Shapiro, Qvera CTO, has been invited to be one of eight members of the IHE USA Implementation Committee. The Implementation Committee is a new IHE committee formed in 2015, whose mission is:

“To ensure and document successful implementation of IHE International and US Extension specifications in the deployment of health information technology (HIT) in the US ecosystem. Collaborate as appropriate in the development of those specifications to help advance IHE USA HIT interoperability and information exchange, including those to support the ConCert by HIMSS™ testing and certification program.”

As a member, Ron will play a strategic role in closing gaps in healthcare IT interoperability and information exchange; as well as working with other leading standard development organizations (SDOs) to support the nation’s interoperability future. Qvera is well placed to deliver an even more positive influence on healthcare interoperability and integrations as a result of Ron’s leadership.

In her notification to Ron, IHE USA President Joyce Sensemeir said, “IHE USA embraces the experience and expertise you bring to guide IHE USA in advancing our vision and mission.”

Ron has long been an active supporter of IHE initiatives; recently traveled to collaborate with other leaders in the HL7® FHIR® workshop in Paris and has been actively participating in HIMSS initiatives as he leads development efforts for Qvera’s Interface Engine (QIE).

Qvera is committed to driving the cost of healthcare interoperability down, and, through QIE, to developing the most powerful and flexible interface engine in the world. We invite you to connect with us to learn more about how we’re shaping the future of healthcare information technology with tools that work for hospitals like Baptist Health Jacksonville, clinics and consortiums such as The Oregon Clinic and partners like GE and MedAllies. QIE is a KLAS® High Ranking Product.