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With our free HL7 interface engine, QIE Standard Edition, you can build interfaces in minutes, not hours. QIE Standard contains all the power and functionality found in our #1 ranked HL7 interface engine – QIE Enterprise Edition. QIE Standard Edition is offered 100% free of charge. Register today and get your free license.

Start With Free, Scale As Needed

A Free HL7 Interface Engine
Perfect solution for HL7, FHIR, CDA, JSON, X12, DICOM & more
Limited only in throughput & the number of running interfaces
Easily migrate to QIE Enterprise at anytime
90-Day Trial
Voted #1 HL7 Interface Engine - 4 Years in a Row
Manage hundreds of HL7 interfaces at once
Supports all legacy & emerging interoperability formats & standards
Flexible licensing options, starting as low as $199 per month

QIE Sandbox

Want to kick the tires? Take QIE for a test drive now!

The QIE Online Sandbox is a cloud-hosted deployment of the award-winning Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Each sandbox is pre-configured with examples that demonstrate how easy it is to solve real-world interoperability challenges with QIE.

Voted #1 Interface Engine by Black Book
Concert Approved EHR
IHE Integration Statement

QIE Product Offerings

Rapid Interface Development Standard Enterprise
Visual Channel Editor for quick wireframe interface development
HPath - A simple yet powerful node path syntax to identify and navigate segments, fields and components in an HL7 message
XPath - A node path syntax to identify and navigate nodes in an XML document
Fully integrated testing framework - Test proposed changes (step by step) before committing to production
Data Formats & Standards Standard Enterprise
HL7® (v2, v3), FHIR®, CDA®, JSON, XML
ASTM, Binary, CSV, DICOM, Fixed Width, Plain Text, X12 and more...
IHE Profiles Standard Enterprise
Communication Protocols Standard Enterprise
Web Services - HTTP/S, SOAP, REST (both URL & Content Encoding)
File, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, DB Query, Secure Socket, Socket, Custom Script
SSL Certificate Management - Import/Export/Generate private keys, certificates, certificate signing requests
Alerting, Monitoring & Error management Standard Enterprise
Role-based automatic email alerts - Large queue alerts, inactivity alerts, erred message alerts
View Global/Zone/Channel status - Including ability to monitor channel status using third-party monitoring tools
Test erred messages - Play erred messages through the test window before resubmission
Error management forms - Build custom error resolution workflows
Support & Training Standard Enterprise
Tutorials, Knowledge Base & Certification Track
Email support - Get support from a Qvera interfacing expert via email
Phone support & 24x7 emergency support - Get support from a Qvera interfacing expert by phone
Scalability & Pricing Standard Enterprise
Support for high availability environments - Including ablity to use alternate backend databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL)
Channel Limit - Maximum running interfaces allowed (based on license)
No Limit
Message Limit - Maximum messages allowed per week
12,500 msg/wk
No Limit
Unthrottled Message Limit - Messages processed in real time
2,500 msg/wk
No Limit
Throttled Message Limit - After unthrottled message limit reached, messages are throttled at 1 msg/min
10,000 msg/wk
Pricing model
Perpetual or Subscription


Standard vs. Enterprise
QIE Product Offerings

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QIE Product Overview
QIE Product Overview

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Partner with us and we’ll help you solve your most complicated scenarios

Our customers are divided about QIE.  Some think the best thing about it is its simplicity.  Some say it’s the flexibility.  For others, it’s their ability to rely on Qvera support to help them complete ambitious new tasks.  But one thing you can count on: from the moment you begin using it, QIE will be refreshingly intuitive and exceptionally automated.

Voted #1 Interface Engine by Black Book Research – 4 Years in a Row!

Merin Joseph

Our customers rely on us for current and accurate patient information at the point of care and we rely on QIE to provide the interoperability and communication between numerous data sources and systems. Easy to use, QIE requires just a single full-time employee to manage more than 300 interfaces.”

Merin Joseph
EVP & CIO – WESTMED Practice Partners

Seth McCracken

Qvera is the most responsive vendor we work with, while others talk about having great service and people, Qvera proves it on a weekly basis. Qvera has been able to accomplish projects for us where others have failed. This has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.”

Seth McCracken
IT Director – Baptist Health Jacksonville

Phil Beckett, PhD

As a Health Information Exchange organization, our biggest challenge is working with the many disparate vendor systems that our customers use. For that reason we leveraged QIE to greatly boost our integration capabilities. QIE plays a key role in onboarding customers to the HIE, and with the excellent customer service that comes with it, we have been able to bring health systems onto our HIE that previously would have been impossible.”

Phil Beckett, PhD
Chief Expansion Technology Officer – Healthcare Access San Antonio

John Grey

In early 2015, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Working closely with EHR Integration Services, we migrated most of our ConnectR interfaces in 3-months, including the addition of 2 new clinical applications. We feel like we have control of our IT strategy again!”

John Grey
MHA IT Director – Murfreesboro Medical Group

Case Study

The Oregon Clinic: Bi-directional Epic integration alleviates physician burden

The Oregon Clinic: Bi-directional integration between Epic and GE Centricity Download Now

Case Study

Revere Health: Adoption of QIE results in efficiencies that lower cost & improve care

Revere Health: Expanding Allscripts TouchWorks’ Integration Read the Case Study →

Case Study

AllianceChicago: QIE enables workflow to identify & reduce child lead exposure risk

AllianceChicago Helps Identify Child Lead Exposure Risk Read the Case Study →
  • Build HL7 workflows in minutes with QIE’s patented and intuitive Visual Channel Editor

    QIE’s Visual Channel Editor with drag-and-drop interfaces makes rapid HL7 interface development easy and intuitive. Configurations that take hours to complete in other interface engines are done in minutes with the Visual Channel Editor.

  • Our intelligent interface engine does all the complex configurations so you don’t have to

    With features such as real time syntax checking, smart editors, SSL certificate management, auto SOAP envelope generation and more, QIE removes the complexities normally associated with HL7 interface configuration and makes processing and routing messages a snap.

  • Enjoy our integrated test environment with step-by-step testing

    The integrated test environment allows message processing and routing configurations to be tested in real time prior to putting them into production. The step-by-step testing gives instant feedback on the accuracy of the configuration, eliminating mistakes, increasing productivity and significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to develop new interfaces.

  • Rest assured that you’re always on top of emerging formats and standards

    Our open and extensive platform includes built-in support for all legacy and emerging interoperability formats and standards including HL7, FHIR, JSON, XML, SSL, OAuth, ATNA, CDA, XCA, XCPD, DICOM, X12, EDIFACT, ASTM and many more. For systems that don’t support these formats and standards, QIE has built-in support for custom data formats and proprietary communication protocols including all SOAP and REST based web services.

  • Easily monitor and manage hundreds of interfaces simultaneously

    QIE allows interfaces and their associated components to be easily organized into groups called zones. Access to each zone can be managed at the user level. Performance can be monitored in real time and email alerts can be customized on an interface-by-interface basis. Interfaces can be configured to automate many of the monitoring steps traditionally done manually, such as stopping and restarting an interface after a specified number of failed send or receive attempts, pausing an interface during non-business hours, and automatically re-submitting erred messages.

  • Know you’re covered with our extensive list of integrations across all HIT platforms

    From physician offices to large hospitals and other Healthcare IT software and hardware vendors, QIE accommodates virtually all connectivity formats and standards used by HIT platforms. These platforms includes electronic health records (EHR), hospital information systems (HIS), health information exchange (HIE) systems, radiology information system (RIS), PACS systems, registry and repository systems, and laboratory information (LIS) systems; Allscripts, Cerner, CPSI, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE Healthcare, McKesson and MEDITECH, just to name a few.

  • Reliably process millions of messages per day

    QIE’s scalable architecture can accommodate the most demanding HL7 interoperability environments and can allow a single QIE system to easily process tens of millions of messages per day.

  • Solve your most complicated scenarios with easy access to our team of experts and exceptional support staff

    At Qvera, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don’t just sell you an HL7 interface engine, we become your partner in achieving interoperability success. Access to a Qvera interfacing expert is just a phone call or email away and our experts pride themselves on helping you, the customer, solve your most complicated scenarios. Our focus is on making our users the heroes of their organizations.

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