Qvera’s CTO Ron Shapiro Helps Shape FHIR® Standards

Qvera’s Ron Shapiro is co-chair of Health Level Seven® (HL7) International’s Modeling and Methodology work group, which is building the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) methodology, or basic building blocks of the FHIR specification.

FHIR is the evolution of the HL7 standards framework, which is leveraged by IHE to create their profiles on the standards. FHIR utilizes the latest web standards (XML, JSON, HTTP, OAuth, etc.) and focuses on usability and ease of implementation.

Just as he serves on IHE’s USA Implementation Committee (the governing body for the healthcare interoperability standards), Ron (and Qvera) continues to drive protocol and standards for healthcare IT and interoperability.

The Modeling and FHIR Methodology Work Group reviews requests to change basic data types or base structures of the FHIR specification, and recommends the best course of action to the larger FHIR community.

“Qvera has been participating in FHIR Connectathon events soon after their introduction at the HL7 Working Group meetings,” said Ron Shapiro, Qvera’s CTO and HL7 Connectathon participant.  “At the Connectathons, I’ve collaborated with many of the key players that have pioneered and created the FHIR specification dating back 5 to 6 years ago.  This collaboration has led to my involvement in the HL7 FHIR working group.”