Cerner Solutions

Qvera customers have extensive experience using QIE to interface with a variety of Cerner platforms and systems, ranging from Ambulatory to Acute Care to Health Information Exchange.


Bi-Directional Data Exchange with Other Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Groups

Connecting to and exchanging patient care information with other hospitals, clinics and medical groups within the medical community can be critical in providing quality patient care. With QIE’s native support for data formats such as FHIR® and CDA® as well as IHE protocols such as XCA, XCPD, PIX, PDQ and many more, connecting Cerner Ambulatory EHR and Acute Care EMR platforms to other medical organizations is easy to do. Qvera customers have successfully implemented bi-directional data exchange interfaces between these Cerner platforms and many other third party EHR platforms.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Connecting medical communities together via health information exchange networks has been instrumental in breaking down the silos of patient data and ensuring care givers have access to critical patient information when and where they need it. Qvera customers have connected to hundreds of registries across dozens of HIE platforms, including Cerner HIE. With QIE’s forms module, users have the ability to query the HIE in realtime for patient information and selectively import that data into their EHR.

And Much More…

Because of it’s flexibility and ease of use, QIE enables our customers to achieve success, even with the most complex scenarios. We work with our customers on a daily basis and help them solve their interoperability challenges. With QIE, there’s no limit to what is possible.

Hear From a Customer

Qvera is the most responsive vendor we work with, while others talk about having great service and people, Qvera proves it on a weekly basis. Qvera has been able to accomplish projects for us where others have failed… this has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.”

Seth McCracken

Seth McCracken
IT Director – Baptist Health Jacksonville

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