HIMSS Case Study: Expanding Allscripts TouchWorks’ Data Integration Capabilities

Replacing the ConnectR interface engine lowers costs and enables bi-directional data exchange with state registries, local hospitals and in-house IT systems

Here’s a taste of what’s inside

Risa Peterson

Interoperability is Critical to Patient Care

That’s our whole world; if the data isn’t processing through the engine, doctors can’t work efficiently.”

Risa Peterson
Lead Interface Analyst – Revere Health

Matthew Hoffman, MD

Standards and State Registries

Revere Health was able to contribute data for quite a while to our health information exchange. Now we feel we’re able to give back and push information directly to their systems, which is valuable to their physicians and other members of their communities.”

Matthew Hoffman, MD
CMIO – Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

Jonathan Keller

Enabling Innovation and Improving Workflows

The more systems we can integrate, and the more data we can bring in and feed out to other systems, the better.”

Jonathan Keller
Director of Data Analytics and Development – Revere Health

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