Virginia Women's Center

Case Study: QIE minimizes athenaOne costs and strengthens internal reporting

Virginia Women's Center

A multi-site healthcare practice is using QIE to dramatically cut EMR costs, while gathering valuable patient and procedural data in a usable format for internal reports.

Instead of paying for a unique athenaOne interface for each of its service lines, the Virginia Women’s Center purchased one interface and uses QIE to exchange data on this interface for the entire practice.

QIE communicates with all of the practice’s software products, streamlining imaging orders, billing procedures and more. And while it performs these data exchange tasks, QIE also harvests practice data from incoming and outgoing HL7 messages and saves it in SQL tables for internal reporting purposes.

QIE multiplies the perks of using an EMR system while adding plenty of its own benefits — allowing practices to save money and use their own data to improve patient care.