HL7® FHIR® Spreading Like Wildfire

Searching for HL7 FHIR not only returns a number of puns on FHIR, but also articles showcasing how providers and healthcare organizations are developing apps utilizing FHIR to provide better patient care, how EHR vendors are adding FHIR API’s to their products, and how FHIR is allowing patients to have access to their medical records on their personal devices.

The acceptance and proliferation of FHIR by so many diverse healthcare organizations is due in part to its unique ability to request only the specific data you need and prevent the need to sift through large documents for that information.

FHIR builds upon the widely used HL7 and CDA standards by incorporating modern web technologies, such as JSON, XML and Rest based web services; current security protocols, like HTTPS and OAuth and focuses on sending/requesting just the information needed, allowing increased mobile access to healthcare data.

Qvera continues its support for the advancements in interoperability with enhanced support for FHIR.

To help you get started creating FHIR Interfaces, Qvera has developed the FHIR Starter Kit.  The FHIR starter kit demonstrates QIE’s comprehensive support for the HL7 FHIR standard, including the following:

  • How to configure QIE as a FHIR server
  • Receive FHIR resources in response to queries
  • Build custom FHIR resource requests using the FHIR REST protocol
  • Convert FHIR resources from JSON to XML
  • Convert FHIR resources into HL7 2.x messages

To see a live demonstration contact us today.