The Oregon Clinic selects Qvera for Patient Data Exchange with Epic

oregon-clinic-logoKAYSVILLE, Utah, June 7, 2013The Oregon Clinic, the largest private specialty physician practice in Oregon, has purchased the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) from Qvera – a healthcare IT company focused on interoperability. The first priority for The Oregon Clinic is exchanging structured Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with their main referral partners who use the Epic EHR. The Oregon Clinic chose Qvera as their interoperability solution partner in order to make the CCD exchange seamless for their providers who use GE Healthcare’s Centricity EHR.

“Qvera has the experience and expertise and the Qvera Interface Engine is the right solution to be able to connect Centricity with Epic. Exchanging patient data with our referral partners on the Epic EHR is critical to our business and a great win for our patients.” says Tim Fitzgerald, Director of IT for The Oregon Clinic.

In addition to CCD exchange with their Epic based partners, The Oregon Clinic plans to migrate all of their existing interfaces over to the Qvera Interface Engine platform. Standardizing on the Qvera Interface Engine will allow The Oregon Clinic to easily move beyond Meaningful Use data exchange requirements and begin to implement customized workflows that facilitate better patient care and cut costs.