Qvera PDMP solution brings prescription history into your EMR

Over the last two decades in the U.S., opioid-related deaths have risen steadily — and in some cases, sharply. Many states are using Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) to track controlled substance prescriptions in an effort to improve patient care and safety.

Local governments support and often fund use of prescription databases such as Appriss Health and state-specific solutions, but it’s up to prescribers to use these tools consistently and accurately.

Qvera’s PDMP package streamlines the way providers access PDMPs while improving security, ensuring appropriate use and automating documentation.

Qvera’s PDMP package offers:

  • One-click access. Patient data is displayed directly in the EMR window, eliminating the need for prescribers to log in to a separate program and switch back and forth.
  • Improved security. Only the logged-in provider can access patient history, and only for the patient whose chart is open — protecting patient privacy and ensuring appropriate use.
  • Effortless proof of compliance. Some states require a PDMP check for every new prescription. Qvera’s PDMP package automatically documents each time a chart is accessed.
  • Helpful features such as intelligent patient matching, an optional chart-text generator, and compatibility with NarxCare patient risk scores.
  • Support for special cases, including state-specific databases, Appriss version 5.1, and prescribers credentialed in multiple states.

Integrated PDMP access empowers prescribers with accurate data and increases face-to-face time with at-risk patients. Qvera’s PDMP package frees providers to make the best use of appointment time — so they can partner with their patients to make healthy decisions that save lives.

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