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GE Healthcare Solutions

Qvera has worked very closely with Centricity CPS and CEMR customers over the past 8 years to develop specific interoperability and workflow solutions. These solutions have been distilled into specific pre-configured interface packages that run on QIE.

GE Healthcare

Centricity EMR/CPS Packages

PDMP Package

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a government sponsored program that gathers and aggregates prescription data from pharmacies with the goal of promoting the safe use of controlled substances. Research has demonstrated that these monitoring programs are highly effective tools that improve patient safety while emphasizing effective treatment and compassionate care. Qvera has partnered with Appriss Health, which manages connections for 43 of the 49 states to provide single sign-on access allowing you to view PDMP data at the point of care. Using Qvera’s web-based form clinicians have one-click access to the prescription history within the chart update. Our package automatically documents the clinicians query and review of the patients prescription history and provides optional default text to support your assessment and plan. Appriss also offers an additional subscription to NarxCare – a robust analytics tool that provides patient risk scores.

Immunization Export Package

The Immunization Export Package is a pre-configured interface which automates exporting immunization data from Centricity EMR (CEMR) and Centricity Practice Solutions (CPS) and transmitting the data securely to a state immunization registry. Having successfully implemented interfaces with virtually every immunization registry in the country, you can rest assured that that this package will work for you. Once installed and properly configured, the Immunization Export Package runs in the background without the need for any user intervention.

Immunization Reconcile Form Package

While sending patient data to the state immunization registry benefits others in the medical community, the real ROI of connecting CEMR and CPS to an immunization registry comes with the ability to retrieve and reconcile immunization administration data from the registry directly into the patient’s chart. The Immunization Reconcile Form Package allows users to reconcile immunization data from state immunization registries and import missing immunization data directly into CEMR and CPS. The Immunization Reconcile Form package requires bi-directional support by the state registry.

Automated Transitions of Care Package

The Automated Transitions of Care Package is a pre-configured interface which automates the export of transitions of care orders from CEMR and CPS and transmits those documents securely to the specialist provider as a secure provider-to-provider message via a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) network. The package leverages the CEMR and CPS orders module which users are familiar with. Users can place an order for a transition of care to a specialist as they normally would and the Automated Transition of Care Package automatically detects that the order has been placed, generates the required C-CDA transition of care document and transmits the order along with the C-CDA document to the specialist as a secure message with an attachment through a HISP network provider such as MedAllies.

C-CDA Import-Export Package

The C-CDA Import-Export Package is a pre-configured interface which automates the export of C-CDA documents from CEMR and CPS and transmits those documents securely to another system such as a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network, a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) network, or another system or organization including hospital systems like Epic, Cerner, McKesson, MEDITECH, etc. It also includes a pre-configured interface which allows C-CDA documents to be received via the NwHIN DIRECT edge services (XDR) protocol and imported into the Centricity database.

C-CDA Reconcile Package

The C-CDA Reconcile Package allows problems, medications and allergies that are part of any C32 CCD or C-CDA document to be reconciled as discrete data into a patient’s chart. In addition to being able to reconcile imported documents, this package enables other reconciliation workflows such as the ability to query an HIE or other EHR system on-demand for a CCD or C-CDA document to be reconciled. Watch the video below to learn more.

Syndromic Surveillance Export Package

The Syndromic Surveillance Export Package is a pre-configured interface which automates the export of syndromic surveillance data from CEMR and CPS and transmits it securely to a public health agency.

Case Study

AllianceChicago: QIE helps identify & reduce child lead exposure risk

AllianceChicago Helps Identify Child Lead Exposure Risk

Hear From a Customer

We evaluated several leading interface engine vendors to replace a legacy system, and chose Qvera Interface Engine. After converting our existing interfaces over to the QIE platform, we have realized an efficiency with our interface development and management that we had not experienced before!”

David Yero
Applications Analyst – The Austin Diagnostic Clinic