Announcing the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) version 3.0.46

Qvera is excited to announce the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) 3.0.46. In the QIE 3.0.46 release, we have added more than 60 new features and product enhancements including:

  • QIE Engine performance enhancements
  • Configure error notifications by channel
  • Compare messages/logs to evaluate differences
  • Enhanced testing/debug functionality
  • And much, much, more….

QIE Engine performance enhancements:

We have improved the overall performance of the Qvera Interface Engine for faster startup and message processing.

Mute error notifications by channel:

Users can now mute error notifications for a specified time period for individual channels.

Compare messages/logs to evaluate differences:

Added a new compare dialog box that allows users to easily compare two different messages, log files or even code to look for differences.

Enhanced testing/debug functionality:

We have enhanced our message testing process to allow users to more easily identify the flow of messages through the channel and locate specific errors in condition nodes.

To view the full release notes click here.