Highlights from Qvera Interface Engine’s 2.0.42 release

What’s new in Qvera Interface Engine?

We are excited to announce the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) 2.0.42. The QIE 2.0.42  release is full of enhancements you’ll utilize every day. Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Addition of native support for new message formats such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • Enhanced text editor for easier viewing of XML as well as CSV message
  • Added new QIE code wizard functions resulting in faster interface development
  • Database log compression improvements to keep your database size manageable
  • Foundational improvements to QIE resulting in up to 100x gain boost in peak volume performance

The more interfaces you create in the new Qvera Interface Engine, the more you’ll wonder how you ever developed without it.

Our JavaScript editor is smarter than ever

New features added to the JavaScript editor will save users time during interface development.  We have incorporated a time-saving auto code completion feature which shows users the rest of the variable, command or function the user is typing. QIE’s existing quick info display, which shows the required and optional parameters by function along with the new auto code complete, makes your development faster and more accurate.

Control is at your fingertips

We have given you even more granular control over how QIE processes messages. For high volume environments users can now manage individual thread pool allocation for the processor, completion, and logger thread pools. We’ve even made it convenient for you to monitor those thread pool counts in our Memory Usage tab.

Smarter Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) XPATH locations

CDA documents are complex XML documents which makes it time consuming to find specific data.  With the QIE 2.0.42 release we are making this process even easier for our customers.  QIE now allows users to determine the smart XPATH location within a CDA document based on cursor location.  We even allow you to copy it to the clipboard to use in other programs to speed up your workflow.

Moving has never been easier

Interface creation represents a significant investment of time and resources. With QIE it’s now easier to reuse interface components you’ve already created. Copying and moving channels, variables, forms, database and web service connections, certificates, and mapping functions between zones is now easier  resulting in increased productivity.

Our fastest version yet

Qvera Interface Engine has been optimized to handle large volumes of messages in a short amount of time.  And by large we mean millions of messages!  With version 2.0.42 throughput is now limited only by the hardware of the machine or by the end point messages are being sent to, not by the Qvera Interface Engine.

To view the full release notes click here.