Qvera Expands Locations for QIE Certification in 2016

Beginning in 2016, Qvera will expand both the number and locations for their Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) Certification Program.  Qvera will now offer QIE Level 1 and QIE Level 2 certification programs at our headquarters in Kaysville Utah, as well as Chicago, Portland, Boston, Austin, Phoenix and Orlando. Expanding our QIE certification program across the country is another tangible commitment to providing affordable and meaningful interoperability solutions to healthcare professionals.

Building and Implementing Interfaces in the Classroom

Qvera Interface Engine has been built to be a flexible, scalable, and intuitive interface engine that is capable of facilitating data exchange with minimal effort and cost. Our users have found the two-day certification programs to be extremely effective in building their interoperability knowledge for their particular organization.

“This was one of the top training classes I’ve participated in. Ron’s presentation style is very effective – interesting and informative. Well organized.”

Attend an upcoming two-day certification program and enhance your knowledge of building and implementing interfaces to increase the efficiency of your organization’s workflows.

“I received as much “know-how” with QIE in 3 days as I did with 2 weeks of classes on Cloverleaf.  This reflects both on the product and the training.”

“Great class. Very informative and well explained. Format of learning was a great combination of hands on and classroom style.”

Take a look at our upcoming certification schedule and sign up today.