Revere Health

HIMSS Case Study: ConnectR Replacement Expands Data Integration and Lowers Costs

A newly published case study in partnership with HIMSS Media reveals how Qvera’s visual Interface Engine, used to replace Allscripts’ ConnectR, has expanded data integration capabilities and lowered operating costs for Revere Health, the largest independent, multi-specialty physician group in Utah.

After learning that its previous interface engine vendor was ending technical support, Revere Health was forced to search for a new solution. But when the Revere team found a replacement, they learned that not all interface engines are created equal.

By making the switch to the Qvera Interface Engine, Revere Health not only addressed its continuity concerns, but also improved workflows, simplified interfacing, moved integration work back in house instead of outsourcing, and increased the amount of patient data it could exchange with other medical facilities, state registries and health information exchanges.

Replacing the ConnectR interface engine lowers costs and enables bi-directional data exchange with state registries, local hospitals and in-house IT systems

Risa Peterson

Interoperability is Critical to Patient Care
“That’s our whole world; if the data isn’t processing through the engine, doctors can’t work efficiently.”

Risa Peterson
Lead Interface Analyst – Revere Health

Matthew Hoffman, MD

Standards and State Registries
“Revere Health was able to contribute data for quite a while to our health information exchange. Now we feel we’re able to give back and push information directly to their systems, which is valuable to their physicians and other members of their communities.”

Matthew Hoffman, MD
CMIO – Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

Jonathan Keller

Enabling Innovation and Improving Workflows
“The more systems we can integrate, and the more data we can bring in and feed out to other systems, the better.”

Jonathan Keller
Director of Data Analytics and Development – Revere Health