Qvera passes HIMSS Immunization Integration Program (IIP) certification

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) announced today that Qvera is one of the first five health IT vendors to become certified by the HIMSS Immunization Integration Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at integrating immunization data exchange into EHRs and other clinical software.

“Qvera is excited to be a part of the important HIMSS Immunization Integration Program (IIP) brought forward by the CDC and NCIRD,” says Qvera Vice President and CTO Ron Shapiro. “The IIP’s goals align well with Qvera’s mission to enable healthcare information exchange reliably and seamlessly to all healthcare providers and organizations. The IIP also brings consistency and predictability to immunization data exchange, which empowers healthcare professionals with the information they need to effect positive outcomes in each of their patients.”

Immunization data drives patient care improvements

When HIMSS announced the IIP, it was a natural decision for Qvera to move forward with testing our interface engine — because we believe seamless and efficient interoperability has the power to drive down healthcare costs and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Managing immunization data is an important part of that goal. Fast access to accurate, standardized data helps establish and prevent gaps in care beginning in infancy, and improves care by preventing unnecessary repeat immunizations.

Better immunization tracking leads to higher participation rates and improves overall health outcomes: Following the CDC-recommended childhood vaccine schedule protects children from 16 different diseases, and it also reduces health and productivity costs related to disease treatment and preventable disease transmission.

Without the right data, it’s impossible to get individual vaccine recommendations correct, or to track population health management and anticipate disease outbreaks.

Why participate in IIP testing?

Qvera decided to participate in the HIMSS IIP testing method for two reasons:

  1. We believe in expanding interoperability across health clinics, IT vendors and registries in every way possible.
    How many clinics waste countless hours on support calls that go nowhere, trying to get to the bottom of data exchange issues? Qvera actively works to advance interoperability by participating in certification programs and attending interoperability events. The benefits of these events, such as the IHE Connectathon and the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, are manifested exponentially as we deploy interoperability tools and strategies in the real world, and certification programs reduce health IT failures and result in more seamless implementation.
  2. We believe in the merits of expanding interoperability for immunization data exchange specifically.
    We have years of experience with immunization registries in all 50 states, and we were confident that an immunization integration program would be a valuable endeavor for our company and for national interoperability efforts.  We have also appreciated the opportunity to be part of shaping the IIP program, it has been a very collegial environment where communication between vendors and the IIS has been fostered, and the responsiveness of the program to feedback has been excellent.

How can other vendors get involved?

Considering IIP testing? Here are two pieces of advice:

  1. Before attempting certification, we recommend that you successfully exchange immunization data with more than one registry. Certification testing requires you to be flexible and make configuration changes during the testing process, similar to the processes involved with connecting to the various state immunization registries.
  2. While using the test tool prior to the certification test, be very thorough when validating data and report any discrepancies immediately.

To learn more about the IIP program and its testing method, visit the IIP website or contact IIPhelp@himss.org.