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Qvera Introduces QIE Professional Certifications

KAYSVILLE, Utah, March 20, 2015 – Building upon the success of the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE), Qvera is introducing a competency-based professional certification program. The new certification expands on our popular training program and has two certification levels that allow holders to signify proficiency in using QIE to healthcare organizations.

“The launch of these certifications is the next step in the evolution of the Qvera training and credentialing program,” said Gary Meyer, Qvera vice president of customer service. “Any person holding a Qvera certification will be seen as a qualified and skilled professional in the healthcare community.”

The Qvera Interface Engine Level 1 Certification provides users with the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently tackle basic interoperability challenges using QIE.  While the Qvera Interface Engine Level 2 Certification demonstrates mastery within QIE to solve more complex interoperability needs in a real-world environment by manipulating and routing messages of all data types (HL7®, XML, CDA®, CSV, X12, PDF, etc). These certification programs will debut in Orlando, FL in a two-day hands-on training lab scheduled April 28 and 29.

Qvera Interface Engine Level 1 Certification
For the new user of QIE, this two-day in-classroom training workshop teaches basic principles of using QIE. Certification evaluation takes place at the conclusion of the course. Basic computer knowledge is recommended.


Qvera Interface Engine Level 2 Certification
For the advanced user of QIE who requires proficiency skills in interface scripting and interface customization. Certification is earned through a practical exam where sample messages and channel structure is provided and candidates must configure a solution in QIE to obtain the proper result. Experience with HL7, JavaScript and XML are recommended. Qvera Interface Engine Level 1 Certification is a prerequisite.
Visit the training page for specific dates and registration.