Interoperability Highlights from HIMSS16 Conference

We had such an amazing time at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas that it’s difficult to look back and pick only a few highlights to talk about! The buzz around interoperability this year expanded way beyond the Interoperability Showcase and was being discussed not only by the various vendors in the exhibit hall, but in presentations ranging from HL7®’s continued expansion of the FHIR® standard and implementations supported by the Argonaut Project to the Q&A session with Dr. Karen DeSalvo where she announced the ONC’s launch of three developer challenges supporting interoperability using FHIR.

The Interoperability Showcase is always a highlight of the HIMSS conference. The ability to see how the flow of data from one system to another during an episode of care gives insight into how healthcare is evolving. A new component to the Showcase this year was the expansion and promotion of the three ConCert by HIMSS™ certification tracts and two panel discussions where Qvera CEO Sam Shapiro and CTO Ron Shapiro highlighted our experiences during the ConCert pilot program.

Additionally, Qvera received the distinct honor of being ranked number #1 Interface Engine by Black Book Research.

To get more of the inside scoop, follow the Qvera Twitter page where we live tweeted all the excitement from the conference floor. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year in Orlando for HIMSS17.

Below is a snapshot of some of Qvera’s top tweets during HIMSS16.