HIE Network Solutions

Join the growing number of health information exchange (HIE) network organizations who are leveraging QIE to help them grow their network, faster.

Onboard More Customers, More Quickly

The value of an HIE network is directly correlated to the number of clinics and medical organizations that are connected to, and exchanging data on, that network. The ability to quickly and efficiently on-board clinics to the network is critical to its overall success. With the combination of QIE’s patented, intuitive technology along with its open and extensive platform, which includes built-in support for all legacy as well as emerging interoperability formats and standards (including HL7®, FHIR®, JSON, XML, SSL, OAuth, ATNA, CDA® XCA XCPD, DICOM, X12, ASTM etc), clinical organizations can be on-boarded onto your network more quickly and much more efficiently.

Make Your Budget Go Further

At Qvera, we are committed to driving down the cost of healthcare interoperability. Our intuitive and intelligent interface engine removes the complexities normally associated with interface configuration, which allows you to do in minutes what normally takes hours with other interface engines. This translates into significant savings, both in time and money. QIE’s flexible licensing options can eliminate the large up-front costs generally associated with an interface engine acquisition and can scale as you scale. All of this translates to a total cost of ownership which allows you to stretch your budget further and keep your costs down.

HIMSS Case Study

Revere Health: Adoption of QIE results in lower costs & improved care

Revere Health: Adoption of QIE results in lower costs and improved care

Hear From a Customer

As a Health Information Exchange organization, our biggest challenge is working with the many disparate vendor systems that our customers use. For that reason we leveraged QIE to greatly boost our integration capabilities.  QIE plays a key role in onboarding customers to the HIE, and with the excellent customer service that comes with it, we have been able to bring health systems onto our HIE that previously would have been impossible.”

Phil Beckett

Phil Beckett, PhD
Chief Expansion Technology Officer – Healthcare Access San Antonio