Highlights from Qvera Interface Engine’s 2.0.43 release

What’s new in Qvera Interface Engine?

We are excited to announce the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) 2.0.43. The QIE 2.0.43  release is full of enhancements you’ll utilize every day. Some of the highlights include:

  • Ability to specify segment delimiters for HL7® and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) messages
  • Updated network share connection to allow specific login credentials for each destination
  • Added new ability to specify charset encoding on all message types
  • Enhanced resetting lost or forgotten passwords
  • Java 8 performance improvements resulting in faster message processing in QIE

The more interfaces you create in the new Qvera Interface Engine, the more you’ll wonder how you ever developed without it.

Need FHIR® support?  No need to call 911…We’ve got you covered!

The new emerging FHIR protocol uses REST based Web Services, XML and JSON.  While other interface engines are just now adding support for some of these protocols, QIE has included support for all of these protocols since its inception.  A growing number of QIE customers are already implemented FHIR based interfaces using QIE.  Contact Qvera today to learn more about our FHIR support.

Forgot your password?  We’ve got your back!

With the increase of network attacks the importance of creating complex passwords is paramount.  However, we have all experienced the frustration of being stuck at the login screen trying to remember what our password is.  In 2.0.43 QIE has updated the security around a users ability to reset their password.

Connecting to network locations has never been easier

With QIE organizations now have more flexibility when connecting to network shared locations.  Each QIE destination now supports either a local or remote path with unique login credentials.

Processing your messages even faster

Qvera Interface Engine’s further optimization of Java 8 allows even faster processing of your incoming messages.  Our goal is that throughput is limited only by the hardware of the machine or by the message end-point, not by the Qvera Interface Engine. With each new release we are getting closer to that goal.

A quick note about this upgrade

This upgrade includes some schema changes that could take up to a half hour to complete depending upon the size of your database.  To prevent extended downtime, we suggest that you perform the upgrade during non-peak hours.

To view the full release notes click here.