Announcing the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) version 3.0.45

Qvera is excited to announce the release of Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) 3.0.45. In the QIE 3.0.45 release, we have added more than 50 new features and product enhancements including:

  • Native DICOM support
  • Restart channels with a single click
  • Message volume charting and reporting
  • Global text searching
  • New code wizard functions
  • And much, much, more….

The more interfaces you create in the new QIE 3.0, the more you’ll wonder how you ever developed without it.

Native DICOM support:

We have added native DICOM message model support with a tree view that supports DICOM node path lookup for working with DICOM messages.

Restart channels with a single click:

With one click you can now quickly deploy your saved changes to the interface.

Message volume charting and reporting:

Introduced a new dashboard that allows you to view the number of processed messages based on License Group, Zone, or a specific Channel for a specified timeframe.

Global text searching:

Added the ability to globally search through all zones, channels, system variables, web services and database connections for values that contain the search criteria.  The search results are displayed in a list to easily find the value you are looking for.

New code wizard functions:

We have expanded our Code Wizard to include additional functions (such as FHIR, move file, and parameterized query). All this boils down to faster and more efficient interface development.

To view the full release notes click here.