Voted #1 - 2 Years in a Row! And now, it's Free

Our Free Interface Engine – QIE Standard is Here!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our free interface engine – QIE Standard Edition, which contains all the power and functionality that is found in QIE Enterprise Edition – our flagship interface engine offering. QIE Standard is offered 100% free of charge and is limited only in throughput and the number of running interfaces. It is the perfect healthcare interoperability solution for small clinics and low volume interfaces.

QIE Standard Edition:

  • Perfect solution for small clinics
  • Limited only in throughput and the number of running interfaces
  • Migrate to QIE Enterprise as you scale
  • Full FHIR® integration and support
  • Re-deploy resources with the added time and cost savings
  • Give caregivers quick access to patient information
Get the Free Interface Engine