HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

Building Professional Awareness of Healthcare Interoperability

The opportunity to interact with colleagues from across the health IT space around a common goal of improving patient health at the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase is something the Qvera team looks forward to every year. If you are unfamiliar with the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, it is described as

“a demonstration of standard based technology, exchanging in real time health data to support continuity of care and improve outcomes. Organizations collaborate to highlight the unique value their products and systems provide in a connected story focused on a patient, caregiver, or clinician.”

HIMSS attendees are invited to observe the clinical vignettes and engage with participants bringing their questions and observations.

Interoperability Drives Interest at HIMSS

HIMSS organizers have posted videos of many of the 19 demonstrations connecting 117 systems and 66 organizations on their YouTube channel. And they recently shared some impressive metrics from the HIMSS17 Interoperability Showcase:

  • 22 education sessions were attended by more than 1,500 people
  • 380 scheduled demonstrations of standards-based interoperability
  • 10,000+ visitors were scanned entering the Interoperability Showcase
  • And > 30% of unique visitors entered the Interoperability Showcase more than once

Organizers know the Interoperability Showcase is a highlight of the conference, but this year’s metrics were especially strong.

Qvera Builds Two Showcase Scenarios

This year, Qvera participated in two Interoperability Showcase scenarios. The first, Diabetes Management Showcase, featured interoperability among five participant organizations – Caradigm, Cerner, Diameter Health,  YourCareEverywhere and Qvera.

In this scenario, Qvera was at the center of enabling participants to share patient data using IHE communication standards, document sharing and formatting standards such as C-CDA and FHIR; in order to better communicate between organizations to increase levels and quality of care, increase patient engagement in their own treatment, minimize risks by sharing both patient and provider centered information in a real-time setting.

And the Health & Fitness Showcase featured clinical and occupational/public health participants Epic, Nextrials, Optum, CDC’s American Immunization Registry Association, University of Washington, Washington State Department of Health and Qvera.

In this scenario, we were able to showcase the benefits of exchanging up-to-date information from many sources – using interoperability standards like FHIR – with public health organizations.

Public health organizations can use the information to target potential interventions based on aggregate data – down to the ZIP Code, gender, age or occupation types.

And providers can use public health data to instantly compare a patient with different cohorts and show them possibilities to inspire more healthy habits.

Inspired by Healthcare Interoperability

We’re inspired every day by the power of healthcare interoperability to change people’s lives. It’s gratifying to participate in a public series of Interoperability Showcases at HIMSS that allow us to inspire others – especially healthcare providers – with the possibilities that standards such as HL7®, IHE and FHIR® allow. Qvera is looking forward to the 2018 Interoperability Showcase and we anticipate collaborating again with industry giants like Cerner, GE, Epic, CDC and many others. HIMSS 18 registration is open now, we hope to see you there!