Is there a way to change the document location via HL7 ?

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asked Oct 5 by maria-j-3133 (220 points)
We use Centricity and QIE. All interfaced document come in as default "ALL" location of care. Is there a field in the HL7 that changes the interfaced document to different locations of care?

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The type of import as well as settings within athenaPractice/athenaFlow (Centricity) will determine which field is being using to determine the location of care, but generally speaking that information is contained in PV1-3.4.  You can change the PV1-3.4 value with the below mapping to set it to a different location of care, but a better approach may be to set the athenaPractice/athenaFlow Task Option settings to use the location of care associated with the provider found in PV1-7.1.  That way the location of care follows the provider associated with the imported document.

To hard-code a specific value in PV1-3.4:  within a mapping node, click 'Insert' and use the standard mapping for Mapping Input/Output Fields to set the PV1-3.4 value as the screenshot below, making sure to replace LOC with the location of care abbreviation you'd like to use.


We can also set up a mapping table that will use data from the HL7 message to look up the appropriate location of care.  Likewise, we can do a lookup into the athenaPractice/athenaFlow database to determine the proper location of care based on data found there.  For help with either of those methods, please contact

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