How to pass Message Cache Content to an outbound Web Service destination

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asked Nov 19, 2021 by mohammed-j-4610 (120 points)

I am persisting some json to the message cache:

messageCache.setValue('json', json);

How do I set this value to be the content of an Outbound Web Service call?

I have tried:


However, this doesn't work because the dowsnstream Web Service is displaying {}

1 Answer

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You are correct in your usage of the message cache variable in your outbound service call.  Make sure that the message cache variable is set properly, and also that your downstream system is expecting the same type of data you are sending.
answered Nov 19, 2021 by jon-t-7005 (6,270 points)
commented Nov 22, 2021 by mohammed-j-4610 (120 points)
Thanks Jon. I ended up wrapping the JSon in XML Tags.

And then configured the downstream system to consume XML.