QIE Web Service (Deprecated) - Is there a replacement?

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asked Mar 13, 2020 by shamon-l-7513 (150 points)

Is there a replacement to using the QIE Web Service since it says it is deprecated?

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The "QIE Web Service" connection type was an early implementation of a hard-coded SOAP web service API. It was QIE-specific and was intended to be paired with a QIE Channel configured with a "QIE Web Service" receiver which also implemented the same SOAP API.

We have since introduced the HTTP Reciever which is much more flexible in how it can be configured to handle inbound HTTP requests, including both SOAP and REST based protocols as well as advanced TLS security options. Because of this we have deprecated the "QIE Web Service" connection type for Web Service Connection configurations. In place of the deprecated "QIE Web Service" connection type, connections should be configured to use one of the following:

  1. REST Web Service (Encoded Content)
  2. REST Web Service (URL Encoded Content)
  3. SOAP Web Service
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