How to Configure IHE Web Service Profiles to listen for an incoming hl7 message and then save message to a folder?

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i have created one IHE profiles connection.

now i want to hit that IHE Profile web service using REST client and want to pass HL7 message to that service.then the same HL7 message i want to store in a file so help me how to create that channel which configure IHE profile post method and can recieve incoming message and give me the same HL7 message as response in a file folder.

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The Web Service Connection screenshot you have posted would be used if you are wanting to send outbound message traffic to an IHE web service. If you would like to receive HL7 messages from another system you would setup the channel source node (green node) to listen on an HTTP or HTTPS listener. Here is a KB article on how to setup the source node.

How to accept HTTPS connections.

This connection type will produce XML with your content (HL7) embedded in the content node. Here is a KB article on how you can access the content.

How to access the payload of an HTTP message.

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