I am getting an Admin Alert “It appears that MySQL or MariaDB is not configured properly..." What does this mean?

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asked Jun 15, 2015 by amanda-w-3695 (4,900 points)

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The reason that this error has popped up is because the max_allowed_packet is less than 64M in the my.ini file.  This needs to be 64M for multiple reason, ie writing large files to the DB or importing a large QIE configuration package.
To make this change find the my.ini file.  If you are unsure of where to find this, go to Services and find the DB that you are using.  Right click and go to Properties.  The ‘Path to executable’ will tell you where this is located.  Once the file is open, find the following section:
# The maximum size of one packet or any generated or intermediate string, or any parameter sent by the
# mysql_stmt_send_long_data() C API function.
If this section does not exist in your my.ini file, then add the 'max_allowed_packet=64M' before the '[client]' tag in the file.
Be sure to set the max_allowed_packet at 64M.  If MariaDB is being used, make sure the 'max_allowed_packet=64M' is above the [Client] tag.  Once done, save the file restart MariaDB or MySQL.
Once you have made these changes, make sure that you stop QIE and then stop the MySQL or MariaDB service.  Once both services have been stopped, you can start the MySQL or MariaDB service first, then start QIE.
answered Jun 15, 2015 by amanda-w-3695 (4,900 points)
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