Pull Metadata From DICOM?

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Can Qvera access DICOM metadata through a third party Java library? I'd like to try and setup a channel to send ImageLink messages to GE Centricity.


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Here is some sample code on how to get Dicom Attributes or metadata out of the Dicom file.

//With DICOM support built in you can just set the source to dicom and then do a get node to the attribute you want.
//Use Shift F4 to lookup any dicom codes
var studyInstanceUID = message.getNode("0020,000D");
var seriesInstanceUID = message.getNode("0020,000E");
var objectUID = message.getNode("0008,1155");
var transferSyntax = message.getNode("0002,0010");

// Build a WADO Url
var wadoUrl = channelCache.getValue('baseWadoUrl');
wadoUrl += "requestType=WADO" +
   "&studyUID=" + studyInstanceUID +
   "&seriesUID=" + seriesInstanceUID +
   "&objectUID=" + objectUID +
   "&patientID=" + messageCache.getValue('pixId') +
   "&patientIDAuth=" + messageCache.getValue('uniqueRepId');

As mentioned you have the Dicom Code lookup dialog:

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