Is it possible to re-send immunizations to the registry if using the clinical list?

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asked Mar 25, 2015 by terrie-g-7436 (3,950 points)

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A Centricity report can be used to create a list of patients to resend immunization data. The date range selected below is used to compile a list of patients that visited the clinic within the specified dates. Once the list of patients is compiled, the date range is meaningless. CPS will send every single immunization from the immunization table in centricity for each of the patients found in the query.  The registry may get a whole lot of duplicates so you need to make sure they can handle them.

Immunizations can be re-sent to the registry by completing the following:

1. In Centricity CPS access Chart Reports.

2. Under Inquiries, enter the following parameters;

Find = Patients

Where - Date of last visit is on or after , enter the starting date

click Add

Enter a 2nd Where clause with Date of Last Office Visit is before, enter end date

click Search

3. The list of patients will display in the right panel.

4. In the Select Activity dropdown, select Immunization Registry.  This will export ALL of the immunizations for the list of patients.
answered Mar 25, 2015 by terrie-g-7436 (3,950 points)
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