I know that QIE can send email using the qie.sendEmail function, but what about Secure Email?

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asked Dec 5, 2013 by matt-w-2627 (3,220 points)
How can I send an email from QIE securely, in case I have PHI information to deliver?

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While QIE does not natively support sending secure email (the same way that QIE does not host an SMTP server for regular mail)....  if your current secure email provider offers a web service for sending Secure Email, you could configure QIE to take advantage of that service.

One such provider (and free), is Sendinc. (not advertising!)

you can setup the web service connection using the following connection information:

they offer some instruction on how to utilize the API here:

here is a short code snippet to send a basic email:

answered Dec 5, 2013 by matt-w-2627 (3,220 points)
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In addition, in order to include an attachment with this kind of web service, you need to adjust how you package the information  (ie: not a URL encoded parameter list, but instead a multipart message with proper attachment encoding) as well as changing how you call the webservice (content encoded, rather than URL encoded)


The web service function expects not only a content section, but also a content type. The example shows application/xml and application/json.

For this use case, we have to specify that it is a multipart message (including the boundary)

here is an example, sample content section which includes the email, recipients, message body, and a CSV attachment.

answered Dec 10, 2013 by matt-w-2627 (3,220 points)