Exporting multiple messaged from one source

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asked Nov 3, 2022 by randy-c-3449 (200 points)
How do I export multiple completed messages that were created by one source message?  I'm splitting a single flat file that has multiple rows into one message per row. Currently they are being discarded.

I want to provide the customer with the output messages from the completed log for QA and review.

commented Nov 4, 2022 by randy-c-3449 (200 points)
We don't have access to any file destinations.  Currently the message is sent to discard until we have the final endpoint configured.

Whenever I try to do an export from the discard node, all I get is the source message even though I can clearly see the transformed messages under the "completed" tab.

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There are two ways to acheive this.  

The first is to simply change your destination node to a File destination, and input a path to write the files to.  QIE will write one file per message by default, or you can select "Append" to add them together into one file. Then, allow the channel to process the messages as normal.

File Destination


The second option is to export the messages from the completed tab. Click 'Export', then select your options.  If you check "Include additional details", you'll get a copy of the resulting message.

Export options

answered Nov 3, 2022 by jon-t-7005 (7,990 points)