How to enable SSL for a channel

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I have a channel and a crt file. How can I make calls to the channel over HTTPS using the certificate(already imported into qie)?

eg, for a channel on port 1000, i want to make the call

https://localhost:1000/testcall instead of http://localhost:1000/testcall

On trying to turn on HTTPS listener in the channel, it asks for a 'server cert' which I am not sure where to provide.

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The "Server Cert" dropdown will only contain certificates that have a matching private key. The reason is for an endpoint or http listener to be secured you have to have the private key to do the SSL negotiation. Data can be encrypted with a certificate/public key but can only be decrypted using the private key.

So to fix this you need to import the private key that matches the certificate you imported. Once they are both in qie the dropdown will have the certificate and allow you to use it to secure this channel/endpoint.
answered Jul 19 by brandon-w-8204 (31,130 points)