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asked May 5, 2021 by sameer-s-9887 (140 points)


I have a remote LIMS system which supports REST JsonApi for sending/receving Patient/Request/Ordersetc info.

How to setup QIE to connect to remote server and trigger GET to receive json data and then process. I tried HTTP listener as source node and mapping node with following scripts but nothing seems working.

Source Node - HTTP Listener - 20010

Mapping Node - Custom script

var parameterMap = qie.newParameterMap();
var urlTemplate = qie.evaluateTemplate("*******/********");
var content = qie.evaluateTemplate("<root></root>", false);
var value = qie.callRESTWebService(


URL -****/****

Aslo tried LIM2 as localhost:20010

If I put URI on Browser of local system I able to view the GET response

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Please contact support for assistance in this specific scenario.  Support can be reached at 801-335-5101 x2 or


answered May 14, 2021 by jon-t-7005 (6,910 points)