What is the most common SQL comment syntax?

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I have several database connections in QIE.  I just noticed an H2 query with a comment that uses '//'.  I tried using a comment with '//' for a postgresql database but it didn't work.  I noticed that both H2 and postgresql support comments using '--'.  Then I tried this query on MySQL and it failed:

--Test comment on MySql 
Select 1

Is there a common syntax for comments?

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Yes.  Sort of.  The two most common forms across database vendors are:
            -- for single line comments
            /* for multi line
            comments */

However, there are a few things to know to avoid running into problems due to variations in implementation.

For single line comment '--' some database vendors like MySql require a space after the -- as the next valid character in the comment.

        --Bad without a space
        -- Good because it has a space

For multi line comment '/*...*/' some database vendors do not allow comments to be nested.

        Bad example with nested comments:
        /* outer /* inner nested comment */ comment */

        Good example without nesting comments:
        /* one comment */ /* another comment */

Another thing to check for is variations in JDBC drivers if you expect the comments to be sent to the database.  The jdbc drivers I have used do not strip out the comments but some might.

Also see this question for an example of using comments in SQL queries within a QIE mapping function:

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