What are the values with the curly braces around them in the IIS & CCD/CDA channel cache variables?

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When setting up the immunization or CCD/CDA export packag under the channel cache variables there are values already entered with curly braces around them (e.g. {MSH-4.1}^{c:facilityId}^{c:facilityMnemonic}).

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These values are called "Node Tags" and are variables that are populated at run time. Often these values are unique to a particular message and may be different for each message. These node tags are set during the processing of each message and are then used to populate the newly created messages at run time.

In most cases these values should not need to be changed or modified. However, if the registry needs a specified value in a given field then these values can be modified or removed and a hardcoded value entered. A common change asked by the IIS registry is to change the Sending Facility value found in the 4th field of the MSH segment to just the predetermined facility id without any other values. In this case the “MSH-4 channel cache key’s” value can be changed from “{MSH-4.1}^{c:facilityId}^{c:facilityMnemonic}” to just the facility id (entered manually).

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