What items should be imported from the IIS Registry pacakage

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The following items from the immunization exprt package should be imported to the customers QIE install.



Database Connection

Select the appropriate database connection. Centricity EMR (Oracle) users should select the ‘EMR 95’ connection.  CPS users should select the CPS 10 connection.

Web Service Connections

If your state immunization registry requires that immunization information be submitted via web service call, select the appropriate web service connection to be imported.

System Variables

Select All system variables for import.  These system variables include several cross reference tables which are used by the immunization package for translating codes from Centricity to the standard codes expected by the state immunization registries.

Published Mappings

Select the ‘Standard ORU to VXU Mapping’ from the Published Mapping list.


Select the channel configuration for the state where immunization data will be submitted.  If your state is not listed, choose the ‘ZZZ: ORU to VXU Channel (Generic)’ channel. If the registry requires the messages to be sent in a batch file then you will need to import the batch file channel as well. If a batch channel does not exist for your given state then most likely they do not require them batched, however, if you need a batch file channel and one does not exist then import the ‘ZZZ: Add Batch Header and Trailer Segments’ channel.


answered Oct 21, 2013 by gary-t-8719 (15,030 points)
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