how to create a channel without source node and detination node?

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i am performing some task ,and that task is performing by mapping script itself so i don't want to configure source node and destination node,as i know to avoid destination path i can make it discard but in case of source it is mandetory to define source path so my question is how to handle this problem. or is there any way by which i can make dummy source which do not participate in task perform by qie.

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You are correct about using the discard destination node.

On the source node you could point to a file folder that would not ever contain documents or file extension that would not ever exist like c:\temp\*.zzz

Or you could create your mapping function in the source node using a Script source node. Or even pass in a template inbound message using qie.addInboundMessage('template', 'template');

answered Aug 1, 2018 by michael-h-5027 (13,630 points)
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This is really helpful for me ..thanks a lot