How to send a CSV file via a REST webservice

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asked Feb 7, 2018 by john-p-3531 (210 points)
I have configured a REST service (REST Web Service (Encoded Content)) and would like to configure my destination node to use that REST service to send a CSV.

How do I configure the destination note to achieve this ? I see how I can set it to a rest service, but I dont want to use an XML or JSON content type - just want to create an output CSV file that is handed off via the REST service for processing by the recieving system.

What syntax is required in the destination node to achieve what I need to do.

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The dropdown options is the most common content types used.  However, you have the ability to type in anything you would like for the content type field, so instead of using the dropdown, you could type in 'text/plain' and then setup the content as needed.

answered Feb 7, 2018 by ben-s-7515 (12,320 points)