Can QIE run in a Docker Container

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asked Feb 1, 2018 by ben-s-7515 (11,100 points)
Is QIE compatable with Docker containers?

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QIE version 4.0 (Enterprise Edition) fully supports container deployments including:

- Ability to deploy QIE as a lightweight Docker container

- Ability to provision, deploy & scale containers using Docker Swarm & Kubernetes

- Ability to run multiple QIE containers in a cluster configuration against a single QIE database

Click here for more information on QIE's container support

You are able to deploy QIE in a Docker or Kubernetes environment by using our DockerHub image.  You can find this image here ( ).

For you reference, here is a sample Kubernetes YAML file that will give examples of different types of options that you can use when deploying, including opening up ingress ports, referencing database Username/Password in a secret instead of in plain text, etc.

NOTE: Not all of the options found in the sample have to be used, please change it to meet the deployment needs of your environment.

answered Mar 27, 2020 by ben-s-7515 (11,100 points)