How can I lookup available System Variables, Databases, Webservices from within a script?

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asked Feb 11, 2016 by mike-r-7535 (13,830 points)
I find it cumbersome to reference system variables and databases from within a custom script.  Currently, I have to do the following:
1. Close my Mapping Function dialog
2. Open a new tab
3. Navigate to the Zone / System Variable
4. Copy the name of the variable
5. Go back to the original tab
6. Reopen my mapping function
7. Paste the value
Is there a better way?

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Use the "Node Tag Lookup" Dialog.  You can find all the Databases, WebServices, SystemVariables, Certificates, etc that you have access to. This can also be accessed from the View Menu in the JavaScript Editor.  You can also use the Hot Key "Shift + F2".

From this dialog, you can select your "Source", which will dynamically create a list of available values.

Select the System Variable you want to use, and click OK.  This will return the Node Tag value to the location of the cursor in the original script.  You may need to remove the {v:} portion of the returned value if you only want the name of the System Variable.


answered Feb 11, 2016 by mike-r-7535 (13,830 points)