Is there a way to stop or start destination node at a scheduled time?

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asked Jan 19, 2016 by terrie-g-7436 (3,950 points)
I have a channel with multiple destination nodes, one of which is a socket sender. Every night the socket connection is down for 2 hours for a backup.  Is there a way that I can stop only this destination node and then start it again automatically?

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QIE hasa the ability to stop or start a SOURCE or DESTINATION node using a schedule.  

To do this you must first assign the endpoint an Endpoint ID:

Next, use the Endpoint ID in a scheduled script on the channel:

1. Click the green source node and select the Scheduled Scripts tab.

2. Enter a cron string with the time you want to stop the node. (0 0 21 * * * will stop the node at 9:00 PM every night)

3. Enter the command qie.stopDestinationNode('endpointId');  Replace the endpointId with the ID you assinged in the    previous step. See the example below:

To start the source or destination node create a second scheduled script and use the start command:


You will need to enter a cron string for the time to start the node and replace the endpointId with the previously assigned ID. 

answered Jan 19, 2016 by terrie-g-7436 (3,950 points)