How do I install a certificate into QIE?

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I understand that there are two certificates involved in a Client Authenticated SSL/TLS connection. One for the receiving entity (HIE, Registry, HISP, Portal) and one for the sending entity (IDN's, Hospital, Clinic). My question is how install my certificate I recieved from the CA and the receiving entities certificate they provided to me?

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For the purposes of this conversation we will use the name of Millennial Health System (MHS) as the sending entity, and The Great HIE (TGH) as the receiving entity.

If MHS generated a Self-Signed certificate in QIE then this certificate will already be in QIE and does not need to be imported. However it may need to be exported and provided to TGH.

If MHS generated a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and sent it out to a Certificate Authority (CA) to obtain a certificate and has now received the certificate back from the CA, or if MHS has received TGH's certificate either of them can be imported into QIE by:

1. Logging into QIE and navigating to the Zone or Global Settings area and then click on the Certificates page.

2. Click on the Import button, and then select all items for import.


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