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Is it possible to use multiple source folders in a channel to feed into a single mapping or condition?

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Well, you could do this with a custom script in your source node.  Your script could programmatically check multiple directories, and add messages to the channel.  You would have to have to manage those directories appropriately (deleting/moving files once added as a message in QIE etc), as well as handle IOExceptions that can occur when reading/deleting files.
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No, A channel can have multiple destinations but only one source node.  If the files in the multiple directories are identical data then you could pull them into one folder and point to that directory.  If the files are different consider how it may complicate any logic within the channel.

A few options to consolidate the directories:

  1. Create additional QIE channels to do the copy/move
  2. Write some batch/script files and schedule them to do the copy/move
  3. Use one of many open source or free tools to do the copy/move (Caution: many are malware)
  4. Others solutions link system links...



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