What is the best practice for channel naming?

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asked Mar 5, 2014 by gary-t-8719 (14,860 points)

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One of the things I do is name my channels is as follows:

Name the channel based off the sending or recieving application.
Then include the direction of the interface - inbound or outbound.
Lastly, include the port number you are connected to.

For instance at our hospital, our HIS system is called CPSI.  We get outbound lab results on port 8180, then send them to GE.

My channel name would be: "CPSI outbound 8010" - this tells me the name of the sending system, the direction the data is travelling, and the port number I am receiving the data on.  This is very helpful to keep things organized especially if you have multiple directions and port numbers.

I then name my destination using this same logic.  My destination description would be called:
GE inbound 6050
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