What source nodes does qie.postMessageResponse apply to?

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What source nodes does qie.postMessageResponse apply to?

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All of the items in the "Message Response" submenu:

qie.awaitingMessageResponse() - Checks if the original message is waiting for a response to be posted or cancelled

qie.cancelMessageResponse() - Cancel sending a response to the original message

qie.postMessageResponse(String) - Posts a response to the original message sender (an acknowledgement message)

are only applicable to responding source nodes like the following:

DICOM Listener

HTTP Listener

Socket (ASTM)

Socket (HL7 MLLP)

Secure Socket (HL7 MLLP)

Channel Queue


When using qie.postMessageResponse(), the type of response is not directly tied to the type of source node. The content of a response is defined by the requirements for communicating between the server making the call/request and the channel processing the call/request. QIE does not dictate the content.

Example 1:

The communication between "Server A" and "QIE Channel A" might require a socket for communication using HL7 messages. Server A might also require an HL7 acknowledgement in response.

Example 2:

"Server X" and "QIE Channel Y" might also use a Socket but only require the text "accepted" or "rejected" as a response.

Example 3:

No response is needed. No need to use qie.postMessageResponse(). In this case select "No Response or Acknowledgement" for the value of the "Response" field as applicable on the source node.

Example 4:

"Server I" and "QIE Channel J" use HTTP to communicate with the QIE channel configured to use an HTTP Listener source node. You are still free to respond with what ever content is deemed necessary to communicate between the two systems. However, in this case the content of the response is wrapped in an HTTP response.

When using an HTTP Listener, QIE has provided means to manipulate the wrapping HTTP response (add headers, set the content type, change the HTTP Status code, etc.). See the following KBs for examples:


See also:

Handling HTTP requests and responses

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