Configure Azure REST API endpoint

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asked Sep 13, 2023 by aritra-k-6337 (400 points)
Hi Team,


I am in teh process of creating a channel which can take an HL7 message and convert to a FHIR Bundle. Post that it needs to send the request to a REST API endpoint which uses bearer token for authentication.

Do we have any sample channel which I can follow and create this scenario ? An urgent help on this would be much appreciated.




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Here is a KB article that has information about converting HL7 to FHIR, including a sample channel you can download.

Here is another KB article that discusses what OAuth2 is (the mechanism by which you'll likely retrieve your bearer token), and here's an additional KB that discusses how you can obtain a bearer token using OAuth2 with credentials.  Note you can also use OAuth with JWT to obtain your bearer token.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact

answered Sep 13, 2023 by jon-t-7005 (7,990 points)
commented Sep 13, 2023 by aritra-k-6337 (400 points)
Hi Jon,

I have reviewed those already, but still unable to setup the endpoint. Is there a possibility to have a quick connect on this ?