how can we test the timeout for SFTP connection as paramter

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asked Jan 16, 2023 by satya-kiran-k-9137 (200 points)
While we are passing timeout/ConnectionTimeout as parameter in SFTP qie.writeSFTP how can we test whether the parameter is working in the function call?

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One way to verify that the connection timeout setting is working properly is to set it to a very short time (like 1 or 2 milliseconds) and verify that it terminates the connection.  Alternately, if you know the connection always takes, for example, 30 seconds to establish, you could set the timeout to 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds) and make sure that it terminates after that amount of time.
answered Jan 17, 2023 by jon-t-7005 (7,990 points)