Received bytes (bytesIn) transformed

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asked Dec 13, 2022 by scott-m-6181 (210 points)

I got this warning in my log. Any idea what it means?

Received bytes (bytesIn) transformed by setting bytesOut to a value not equal to bytesIn.  See the preprocess script on the channels source node if this was not expected or 'Enter Debug Mode' on the channel status tab for more details.

It was followed by this:

Unexpected ACK received: MSH|^~\&|||||20221213093025||ACK|82958643||2.5

Is there any reason why qvera would not expect an ACK?

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This warning occurs when you receive an ack but have not configured your destination node to process it. You do this by checking the "Wait for Ack"

The default ack script is for HL7 messages and will look at the MSA-1 to make sure it ends in an A. If it is a AE or AR then it will go to the error queue. If it is an AA it will go to the completed queue.

answered Dec 13, 2022 by brandon-w-8204 (33,330 points)